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Welcome to The The Last Gig In Sydney Wiki.

This is the wiki, we'll be using this site to manage the project. Cast, crew, other details are in the sidebar. Other random stuff will be added as we go.


UPDATE 20th AUG 2016

Hiatus until 1st week of October, after I get back from O/S.

We just couldn't get the last bits shot over the last two weeks, not for lack of trying.

It's bloody hard.

We'll keep on trying, dang it, we are so close.


WED 13 - Jim Finn, Tony Pedroza, Allan Enmore scenes - DONE ALL GOOD

FRI 15 JULY - Panda Scenes 'the occupant' character - DONE, some rewriting after Panda developed the character.

MON 18 JULY - Allan + Cameo Roles - DONE ALL GOOD

TUES 19 JULY - ST ROK, Devine electric plot revenge, + Michael Egan scenes + BAND MERCANE cameos - DONE, bloody funny.

WED 28 JULY Main shoot, ALLAN, JIM, Devine electric - Went pretty well, ditched a lot of Dialogue, everyone ran late, MJEB almost lost his Shit, Dion kept him going, well done Dion.

TBC - Main Shoot, Allan, Jim, etc, Band Mercane

ADDITIONAL Sequences yet-to-be-scheduled include:

TDM Character Scene Harmonica Character Scene Performances

Help Out: