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Welcome to The The Last Gig In Sydney Wiki.

This is the wiki, we'll be using this site to manage the project. Cast, crew, other details are in the sidebar. Other random stuff will be added as we go.

Latest Update

Feb 14 2017

13/15 pages, 4 kings have volunteered so I wrote them a new part.

That means the ep is now running longer. Might have to break it up or extend page count to 20.

new bands = New Plotlines! Yay! Chaos!


Devine Electric and Band of Mercanes have reupped for cameos, our main focus is to getting new bands at least a song each.

New Bands - Fingermae, 4 Kings.

There's still room for more.

My preference is that the Characters/Bands are one and the same, the objective here after all is to give Sydney Indy Bands a chance to strut their stuff.

But - We're also keen to support local acting Talent too, just like Panda in ep 1.

So here's the prelim cast for ep 3 that we need:

Blues Nazi - The most pedantic human on earth.

Blues Nazi Committee - 1 scene, 3-4 guys, debating the merits of mustang sally.

Tone Questers of the Middle Age - in search of the perfect tone.

3 Random Punters - cameos, to give thoughts on Sydney

Hit us up via the fundraising page


Thanks to all funders, the League of Fungible Legends

Fund this craziness.